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The Sushi International

For all those we miss so bad, and in something like english, here we go. The Sushi International (weekly publication, almost) is a tribute to all of you wherever you are and as long as you can read english, of course. This is a short version of what happened this very last week. Sorry about the last 3 months, we tried to keep everyone informed and there wasn’t so much to tell in deed. Everything starts now!

Japan is treating us quite well, people we meet seem to be nice, open and not complicated at all. As someone once said NORMAL people are not easy to find sometimes and we are bloody lucky!! Even if our skills in japanese are by the moment -1/10 ? ? ? ? ?

So let’s start with the 1st October’s post, and the Uncle Sam’s 8th Anniversary Party. After spending the day walking around in Tokyo with a spaniard called Fernando, we headed home for a well earned movie on the coach and sleep… As we were getting ready for supper a noise started inviding the room. Uncles Sam Bar happens to be just under our appartement and after a little time hesitating we went downstairs to check on the place and have a beer (only). It was 4 am whan we came back home, in a very very damaged state. We made a few friends even if we didn’t recognise them on the pictures the day after.

Guillermo spent the next day on the coach, coming and going to the bathroom… you don’t need the details.

Next post is about freek japs stuff: they really have the geekest inventions. Have you heard of the personal airbag? As it sounds this thing protects you from breaking your teeth (dentist must be hyperexpensive here) or nose when falling. But what if you don’t fall on your face???? They need more thinking…

Second geek invention is much more useful. How often do you look for a waiter and don’t find any? How often does a waiter ask if the order is ready to a customer before he finally decides? The call-the-waiter button solves this kind of situations without shouting, repeating orders and loosing nerve. good point for the japs.

Next post is geek again. Guillermo likes to play, he found the way to built up clouds with the most used words in our blog…. As I said, geeks thing.

Last weekends post explains our first experience in a Stick Bar. Is called YATAI and you just eat yokutori, wich means literally sticks with not so original as pinoys stuff but also very ñamiiiiii. Quite cheap and men only kind of bar, but not any bad looks at you as far as you speak a little japanese, even when you are a girl. We went with our spaniard Fernando again, very easy going guy!!!! Asakusa is the name of the neibourhood and is full of people because of a big Bouddist Temple and lots of little shops, souvenirs and any kind of stuff. After leaving Fernando, we stayed longer for lunch, OKONOMIYAKI Osaka style, kind of omelette with a lot of thing on it. Tasty and ver ver thick to the stomach, so we had to go for a walk throu the Sumida River Park, nice place for a walk in the automn sunset.

Mondays we have japanese class with Kikuchisan and Satosan. Kikuchi is a man, wierd name for a guy though. Anyway, we decided to go ou for dinner just after the class and invited Sato (girl) and sh felt like inviting her boss Kikuchi would be a goo idea. She knew what she was doing!!!!! Sake, spirit wine, caramelised anchovies and a lot of fun stuff… al for free cause the boss pays!!! Great!!!! We almost lost the last metro (metro stops at midnight) but we met a japanese young salary man who could speak spanish and portuguese!!!! he was actually friend of a japanese soccer player in Numancia (not that important spanish team). Amazing. simply amazing.

C’mon, keep the rythm we almost finished. Who wants some ninja-booties???? Send us number and color (blue, white and black only) and we’ll see what we can do.

We finish our first number of Sushi International with some advises about the metro in Tokyo. Is freaking silent, freaking clean and bloody in time!!!!! Can’t believe it. Of course, rush our looks like a presurise cabin, everyone pulling against each other… nothing personal of course. By night time, a little alkool scent flows throw the wagons but everybody remain in silence… most of them can sleep standing which actually helps a lot.

Well guys, sorry about the delay and hope you enjoyded the ride. If you didnt, please let me know. You can keep on reading the spanish version… hahahha

C U next WEEK!

Mata raishuu

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  1. Jota dice:

    Joder!! que internacionales, esto ya es un blog de categoria, pero os falta la version en Kanji.

  2. necuro dice:

    Pero leche, ¿os pensais quedar con el personal?. A ver si hay suerte y el próximo lo entiendo, so cap….

  3. mahal dice:

    kanji, si hombre y sasncrito tambien!!!

  4. Elena dice:

    Esto no puede ser, teneis internet en casa y ahora solo escribis en ingles y frances, mu mal!!!!!

  5. OSCAR dice:

    Hi Nere:
    Your english is so well, and you have showed everybody, how you can say the same than Lorco say in 10 post, but in just one.
    The Sushi international is a good way to understand your adventure in five minutes.
    I’m waiting the next number.

  6. mahal dice:

    Thank you soo much, it means a lot to me that someone leaves a comment not complaining about having foreign languages post in the blog. Pero con la guasa que tu tienes, no te estaras cachondeando de mi??? haha un besote

  7. OSCAR dice:

    It’s not a joke, all that i say is true
    Your English is so good and clear.
    kisses for you too!!!

  8. mahal dice:

    Cacho pelota!!!!
    I appreciate anyway, of course!!!

  9. Berto del Puerto dice:

    e de pricaun….euan de jander morenau….

  10. mahal dice:

    eso mismo digo yo Beto