¿a Cuenca?, ¿a la mierda?, ¿a la luna?, ¿al infinito y mas allá?

The Sushi International 2

Guys, the only comments we’ve seen are those made by our friends in Spain complaining about us wasting our time on writing in English for nothing. If nobody shows up we will have to tell them they are right! But well, you just found out, maybe you need some more time. We give you one more week.

There we go! Friday night I got drunk in the company of Saito (one of our Japanese friends in the Uncle Sam Party) and his girlfriend Ooishi (not oishii meaning delicious) while Guillermo left me at 1 am. Saturday was a hard day, trying to keep as much food as possible inside me. But it taught me one thing: hangover in Japanese is FUTSU KA YOI!!!! And you just need to drink, beer, wine, rhum, sake and tequila… eazzzzy!!!!

Guillermo sent Saturday hanging on with Fernando, our Spanish friend with whom we visited Kamakura city on Sunday. Actually we weren’t alone (you kidding? Thousands of tourists where there!! Seems like Tokyo was empty that day). Gabby (excoworker of Guillermo in Manila and pinoy) and Hirata-san (our guide, one of Guille’s coworkers’ father). We wer very lucky, Hirata speaks English very well and he was adorable. He took us to the Hachiman Shinto Temple, to the Hasera Buddhist temple and to the huge sitting Buddha in bronze. Finally we went to the beach, I can say now I’ve been in the Pacific Ocean, WAW!!!! We had diner at Yokohama’s China Town and walked to the Yokohama Harbour.

On Monday we had day off because of the Sports and Health Day, commemorating the opening ceremony of 1964 Tokyo JJOO. We did it our own way: watching TV, surfing on our brand new internet connexion and doing NOTHING!!!! What can be best for health????

Tuesday evenings we have Japanese class!!! They gave us the most unbelievable invitation: one day non stop training for catastrophic situations: typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis… This is a real organisation, amazing guys. Guillermo can’t stop thinking of using the fire extinguisher! I think we will end up going to the trainings just for the fun of it!!!! Hahaha
Will they do all catastrophes on the same time??? Well, I am sure here people don’t have to wait for the German School secretary to tell them not to go working!! But do they go to the mall in those cases???
Did you know that buddhist monks wear the same kind of shoes we do in rural areas of Spain and south of France? Well, now you do. It’s called WAJARI and mothers threaten their children with them when they don’t behave in Spain as much as in Japan!!! Let us know if in you own countries this also happens, for us it was funny to find out such different cultures could have this thing in common.

Lost in Ichikawa. Last night we lost our train and ended up 3 stations from home. Almost 6 kms that we decided to do on foot (of course we din’t know we wer that far!!) following the railway. Well, the railway decided to cross a river, we couldn’t. When we were about to crack and start killing each other in front of the river, a man came towards us jogging. It was almost 2 am!!!! Com’on!!!  This old man, as surprised as he could be, lead us to the bridge that crosses the river and wished us good louck. With tears in our eyes we bowed to him a million times and start walking again. About 1 km before our destination and still thinking we would never make it, we took a cab and went home. This surrealistic experience shows us how long the path seems to be when we don’t know the destination but also how amazing.

Hope to see your comments this week, don’t be shy.

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  1. OSCAR dice:

    This time i’m the first, the weekend is close and i haven’t time…
    Hi Nere, can you tell me how many oceans in the world have you seen? it’s a good idea for the next post.
    Please don’t close the newspaper, is very nice to practice english.
    See you the next week!!!
    Kisses from Spain, not for you Lorco.

  2. puche dice:

    It’s true, perhaps I don’t write well because there is a lot that i don’t write in english without use a traductor but it’s a good idea to practice.

  3. Elena dice:

    La gente se esta tomando en serio esto de los idiomas porlo q veo

  4. mahal dice:

    Well guys I think you don’t give a choice, the Sushi International must go on! Y me quedan al los dos océanos glaciares!!
    Yo lo flipo con vosotros de verdad