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The Sushi International 3

Once upon a time there was a post with no comments at all…
Are you ready for the fastest and shortest post ever?

Weedend was tiring but fast to tell about. Friday too tired to go out. Saturday diner at a Guillermo’s friend’s house, he cooked Indian food, not spicy he said: my ass!!! We keot awake thanks to HellBoy II (awesome!!! You must watch it), beers, indian rhum and because diner was served around 4 am… Came back about 6 o 7, went to bed and wake up in the afternoon. Period.

Monday : The importance of having a beard in Japan (Tener barba en Japón)

Japanese are very fashionable people and give particular importance to the way they look. This is what we all know. But what we didn’t know until now is this: you can buy fake beards in order to improve your looks. Actually neither Guillermo nor I have seen many bearded Japanese men (nor women), not more than 10. But as fashinalbe as they are you just need to put some products on the market and millions of Japanese buy them right the way!

I introduce to you: MAKE UP.

Long time ago

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Tuesday : Trick or treachery Timos por teléfono

One of those things Guillermo likes to pay attention to is how cashiers work in restaurants and shops. In Spain there is a trick which consists upon claiming the change for a bigger bill than the one we actually used for paying. This is impossible in places such as Philippines or Japan. In Philippines, every bar tender, waiter o cashier said out laud the exact amount of money as he or she receives it. Here, the money doesn’t go into de cashier before you receive the change, so no space for misunderstanding.

But there isn’t such a thing as power of imagination. So you have to make up some new tricks. The one we are about to explain here is called: It’s me, it’s me!

+You pick up some old person inside a bank office

+You call to his/her cell (how you get his number is a mystery) and pretend to be some relative in need of money.

+Thousands of old people have been victims of the hit.

+Japanese government put 58000 police officers on ATMs all over the country (personally I haven’t seen one)

+The robbers gained 170 millions (in EUROS) during the present year.

[via japantoday]

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Tuesday: Waiting for the VISAs Ya solo faltan los visados

In a few words, this is our Japanese Alien Card. Some alterations of the original must have been done to hide the identity of the owner.

Wednesday : Upclose and personal Seal Sello oficial (inkan (印鑑) o hanko (判子))

Something that sooner o later you must do to stay in this country is having you own HANKO. In Asia, you see many shops selling kind of seals, from kids kind to old ones. If you look at the Alien Card you will see an example: right down corner, red. These seals are used in official and personal paperwork, and you need to have one before you can open a bank account. So you forget about your shitty signature and the not that nice remarks about it and simply stamp your HANKO.

If you wish to know more about it, please check these motomachicakeblog and wikipedia

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Thursday: This is Halloween cookies Galletas de Halloween

Yeap, Sato-san offered us these and now we don’t know what to offer her!

We didn’t expected it, although after the Pasalubong discovery in Philippines we shouldn’t be surprised. Pasalubong are little gifts you bring back from a trip and you give to your colleagues. Back home, gifts are bought just because of a special day and to particular friends, not to colleagues. Well, of course you share your country delicacies with all your foreign friends, but that is a different matter here.

We’ll see what we can find for Sato-san, suggestions are welcome.

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Friday: How to get to our place in 25 steps, shorter version for you English speakers Como llegar a nuestra casa en cómodos 25 pasos

Starting from Narita International Airport

  1. Get a bus toward Kasai (1500 yen each)
  2. Get down at Kasai
  3. Take the metro (100 metres from the bus stop)
  4. Buy a ticket from Kasai to Gyotoku (160 yen each)
  5. Take the platform leading to Nishi-Funabashi
  6. You are at the 17th metro stop in the Tozai Line. If you are not, you are wrong.
  7. Your stop destination is number 20 in the Tozai Line, of course.
  8. You pass Urayasu, Minami-Gyotoku and arrive to Gyotoku.
  9. Metro station has just one exit. Go to it.
  10. stupid joke, can’t translate into English
  11. In front of the exit there is a bakery on the left and a supermarket on the right, take right.
  12. Keep walking toward the traffic light.
  13. While waiting remark the green colour bank in front of you. If what you have in front is not a green bank look for it: SMBC Bank.
  14. Walk along the main street (avenue) until the next crossing and just after crossing turn right.
  15. Parking lot at your left, keep walking until you see the 2 drinks machines, the main entrance of our building is right there. If you get to the electronic shop, come back.
  16. First floor, 3rd door. Ring.

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Last night we CAME back to the Café Lolita and came back by metro not like last time (la última vez.)

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  1. OSCAR dice:

    Hello Nobody!!!
    Because nobody read this post, i’m the first again, and it’s very dificult to reply this post, cos i had reply before during the week, in the spanish version
    My question for this week is Why Nere and Lorco didn’t want to give us their adress?
    maybe are they fear?
    maybe they don`t know their adress?
    Talking about the pot, i don`t know why, but i can`t see the pictures, and the style is so different that the others post.
    This time is like a simple traducction, i can’t see the feelings!!!
    Please reply this post or sushi international will die!!!

  2. Eva dice:

    I totally agree with Oscar, no feelings this time, don’t give up, guys!!….Come on, let’s save The Sushi international, even though it has to be from Spain!!! (Comment dedicated to «Academia de inglés Loli»)

  3. puche dice:

    Well I think that they are living in…
    The text is very large to read all, too I read all in spanish.
    Save the Sushi international.
    My english without a traductor is bad but you understand me no?

  4. mahal dice:

    Well guys, of course it was just a translation. But, what did you expect? It’s not easy, no feed back (sorry to say this, you are helping a lot but it’s not the same). No feelings is better than bad feelings… don’t you think? Let’s give them another week to react. thanks again