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The Sushi International 4

Well guys, you keep on reading without feeding back? Ok, let’s go for the Sushi International Telegraph!
Two weeks ago, Saturday night. The most improbable thing for us to do: go to a club in Shibuya. Seems like everybody has to go there once, so we did. Fernando had an appointment at Hachiko Square. Did you know this is the most crowded crossroad in the world? Now you do, check the pics.
Club PURE (what a name!!) opens around ten and closes at 5 am just when trains start working. Which means you have to drink until you no longer can see the difference between a rhum coke and a mohito. The music was hopefully not that bad after all, hip-hop black music, so we spent the night there.
The system here goes at follows: you pay 3500yen (male) and 1500 (female) and drink all you can!!! Excellent.
Lots of gaijins of course, mainly men trying to make a good catch. We got lucky because Fernando’s friends Midori and Erina had a bunch of boys with them and we could dance and talk all night long without being bothered. Midori is an amazing peruvian-japanese girl who adopted us and introduced us to all her friends there, thanks Midori!!!!
At 5, we all got spelled from PURE into the street and came home on the first train back to Gyotoku.

This very day in the morning we visited Tsukiji Market. The fish market. For that we had to wake up at 4h30 am and get the first train so we could witness the selling of big tune fishes. We got lucky and arrive in time for the last sell. The guy giving the prices didn’t stop shouting, half singing and jumping until all the fish was sold. You have to watch the video please.
That place is huge, plenty of activity and tourists are not specially welcome because we don’t buy a thing and we can’t stop making pix and bothering everybody. But they weren’t rude, just busy!!!!
After taking 1001 pix, we met with Fernando at a bar, to savour the freshest fish in whole Tokyo, for breakfast!!!! At 7h30!!! With a beer, of course.

Wednesday, musical moment for the blog. We don’t watch TV too much here, but Sunday is Sunday. We discovered that every Sunday, highschool chorals compete on TV. Words can’t explain, watch video again! And if someone happens to know the title please give it to me, I used to sing in a choir myself and would love to have the lyrics!!!

Zip and unzip was our topic for Thursday. YKK is a Japanese brand making zips actually, and it is a very very substantial business! 123 franchises, 37000 workers and 70 countries working for them!!!
Which brand is your favourite trousers’ (whatever) zip? Have a look!

Well, we are on last Friday. This was a very long weekend, plenty of things to tell and pix to check so let’s get started!
Fernando (we are a threesome now!) and us went to Kansai region to visit Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka. We took the freaking fast, freaking expensive Shinkansen but it was worth it.
At that time we didn’t know that a Spanish-Japanese couple hosting the best Spanish Restaurant in Japan (Valmancha) will adopt us for the weekend, so we took a cheap but clean hotel for that very night and went for a late dinner izakaya style.
Saturday, we visited some Jinja Temple where families had taken their 1,3 and 5 years old children dressed up like emperors and empresses. Very cute!!!!
After checking the view from 24th floor of Kobe’s City Hall we called this Valmancha Restaurant and went directly there for a beer and some queso manchego. Valmancha is very very close to the City Hall, don’t miss it! Next to Toyota Bldg.
They suggested we go to the SAKE factories, good advice to take!!! Free sake and some little bites to the the Spanish APERITIVO.
When we came back to Valmancha, we had the best home made lunch in months (since we came here) and spent the rest of the day with this amazing family, talking about everything and nothing.
Sunday, we went to Kyoto. Full of tourists in kimono and girls dressed like geishas performing their dreams in the streets near the Kiyozumidera Temple. This place is even nicer when trees are changing their colours!!!!
After that, we wondered around the little streets, and ended up taking a taxi to the next big temple Silver Pavilion. But the gods of Tourism punished us, the pavilion was covered and we had to enjoy just the nice zen garden and the nature around the place. Which is already enough!
Then, we took our chances, taking the bus to the other side of Kyoto to show Fernando the Golden Pagoda. This he really liked!!! The sun was starting to set when we left the temple and we came back to Kobe with some little presents for Pedro, Miho and Kaori (Valmacha Papa, Mama and little monster)

That night we were starving!!!! But we waited till midnight because the restaurant was crowded and some friends of Pedro an Mijo where coming later. Suddenly, clients were replaced by the most international meeting we have seen since we got here: mexican-thai, japanese-spanish, russians… All speaking in English because of US!! We don’t speak a word of conversational Japanese yet!
It was very fun, we went for dinner to this fashionable design restaurant and enjoyed some good bites. At 2 we were home and ready for some good sleep.

We woke up around 2 pm and had just the time to gather our stuff and go to Osaka with P, M and K, to take our shinkansen back to Tokyo. We had time to have a walk around Dotombori, next to the river. Crowded!!!!

this is all folks, see you… or not!

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  1. elias dice:

    en ingles??? y pa los del pueblo que??? ehhh?? que aqui hay gente que lo unico que ha hecho en su vida es recoger lechugas, un poquito de porfavor que los internacionales sois vosotros. Salud pareja y a mariano vienvenido al club

  2. jhonellarco dice:

    vamos ha ver. pa q en ingles? q coño nerea q aprendan ellos español y si no q no entren en tu bloc. un saludo.

    P.D este finde toca quedarse en casita descansando?

  3. jhonellarco dice:

    pa los q no sabemos ingles hoy no hay reportaje en español. pues yo sere el unico q escriva hoy. seguro. echaros una foto con juanca

  4. jhonellarco dice:

    adios amigos

  5. jhonellarco dice:

    guille hoy se casa mariano. dentro de 4 horas. va ha ser de las de no te menees. tus padres creo q van. el chaque no me viene pero me da igual. ves como el reprotaje esta en ingles escribo de otras cosas q no vienen al caso

  6. lorco dice:

    Hey man,
    Cuando vuelvan, broken window!! (personal joke)
    Cuidaico con hacer locuras en la boda. Dales un par de besos a los novios de mi parte. Otro para tu señora y como bien sabes un abrazo para vos.
    Mañana le daré recuerdos al Juanca y a la Sofi de la tuya

  7. mahal dice:

    John el Largo. 1050 leros, no es dinero, si no vienes a vernos ahora no te kerremos nunca nunca nunca mas. Estas avisado. Maricarmen, estamos contigo.
    hemos dicho

  8. mahal dice:

    enga john, que te vamos a buscar, que no esta tan lejos!!!!